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  • What are the trends in policies (programs, subsidies, taxation, etc.) that may have a significant impact on business? 
  • What is happening in the background? Who is moving what with what intention? How can it be utilized? How can your activities get aligned?
  • Our advisors, mostly former members of the government, will provide interviews or written answers to such actual policy trends, background, and overviews. 
  • Hear it directly from experts.

Our Advisors

Over 100 advisors, including former government officials from METI, MLIT, MHLW, MIC, FSA, MOFA, MOE, and local governments, Government Relations (GR) officers from major start-ups, and executives from GR consulting firms.

All our advisors have passed our strict criteria (※) .

※ 7+ years of experience in government service, 5+ years of GR experience
※ Actual knowledge and skills confirmed through interviews

Recent Cases

Construction DX Startup

  • Our advisor, who was in charge of urban policy at the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism (MLIT), introduced a "program" that suited the startup's needs. 
  • With the support, the startup received the "Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism Award".

Education Startup

  • Our advisor, who was in charge of education policy at the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry (METI), explained the overall picture of education policy, including the related ministries and stakeholders. 
  • With the support, the startup was able to plan its GR strategy in order to be involved from the upstream of the policy decision-making process.

Data Analytics Startup

  • Our advisor, who was in charge of government subsidies at the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry (METI), introduced subsidies that fit the startup's needs.
  • With the support, the startup was granted a subsidy of approximately 100 million yen.

Energy Company

  • Our advisor, who was in charge of the relevant energy system at the Agency for Natural Resources and Energy (ANRE), explained the background and policy intent when the bidding system was established. 
  • With the support, the company was able to get a better understanding of the system, and criteria, and brushed up their bidding strategy and team structure.

Fintech Startup

  • Our advisor, who was in charge of the relevant financial system at the Financial Services Agency (FSA), advised on the relationship between the new business and banking laws and other regulations.
  • With the support, the startup was able to decide that the proposed new business was difficult in relation to regulations and decided to pivot to a new business model.

Example of Advisable Areas

※ Based on Advisors' Background

Startup and SME Policy

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  • 5-year Startup Development Plan,
  • Startup Support Programs,
  • Sandbox Program,
  • Gray Zone Elimination Program,
  • Overseas Expansion Support,
  • Collaboration with Local Governments,
  • Business Restructuring Subsidies,
  • Manufacturing Subsidies,
  • Various Tax Systems

DX Policy

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  • DX Certification Program
  • Digital Government Systems
  • Digital Platform Transparency Act
  • Review of Analog Policies
  • IT Subsidies
  • AI/IoT Support
  • R&D Support
  • Open Innovation
  • ICT Industry-related Systems
  • Cyber Security

FinTech Policy

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  • Funds Settlement-related Systems,
  • Credit Card and Other Payment Infrastructure Regulations
  • Financial Security-related Policies
  • Financial Data Distribution

GX Policy

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  • GX Policy (Green Transformation, Green-related Subsidies, Regulations)
  • Support for Local Governments' Global Warming Countermeasures
  • ESG Responses

Mobility Policy

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  • Automobile-related Support Measures and Regulations
  • Automated Driving
  • Drones and Flying Vehicles (Civil Aeronautics Law, Flight Operation Management Systems)

Robotics Policy

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  • Drones
  • Industrial robots

Healthcare & Social Security Policy

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  • Long-term Care Insurance System
  • Medical Care Delivery System
  • Community Comprehensive Care System
  • Building a system of Cooperation System between Government, Medical Associations, etc., 
  • Development in Business for the Elderly and Disabled

Education Policy

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  • Implementation of GIGA Schools
  • STEM/STEAM Education
  • Matching with Experts, Human Resource Development and Education-related Systems

Building & Housing Policy

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  • Building Regulations and Housing Promotion 
  • Building Codes
  • Barrier-free Policies
  • Vacant House Policies
  • Subsidies and Regulations related to the Supply of Housing for the Elderly, Disabled, and Child-rearing Households,
  • Rent Obligation Guarantee Systems

Energy Policy

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  • Renewable Energy (Feed-In Tariffs, Long-term Energy Outlook, Storage Batteries, etc.)
  • Oil and Gas (Acquisition and Development of Upstream Oil and Gas Interests)
  • Electricity Regulations
  • Middle East, Mineral Resources (JOGMEC, Securing Resources for Li-ion Batteries for EVs)

Space Policy

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  • Basic Space Law
  • JAXA Activities
  • Space Activities Headquarters
  • Rocket and Satellite Development
  • Space Business Promotion
  • S-Booster

Other Industrial Policy

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  • Content Industry
  • Consumer Policy
  • Logistics
  • Food and Beverage
  • e-Commerce related Regulations
  • Product Safety

Overseas Expansion Policy

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  • Overseas Expansion of SMEs and Startups
  • Sanctions Laws
  • Foreign Exchange Laws
  • Trade Agreements
  • WTO Agreements
  • FTA/EPA Negotiations
  • Economic Security
  • Trade Control
  • Public Finance (Trade Insurance, JBIC Loans, Yen Loans/ Credits)

Regional Revitalization Policy

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  • Regional Revitalization (Grants Related to Regional Development, Vision for Digital Garden City Nation)
  • Collaboration with Local Governments
  • Public Procurement-related Support

Human Resources and Organizational Policy

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  • Human Resources (Diversity Promotion, Women's Activities, Support for Women Entrepreneurs, Human Capital Management, Management Development)
  • Corporate Governance
  • Public Affairs Activities
  • Public-private Personnel Exchange
  • D&I
  • Human Rights
  • Leadership Programs
  • Public Leadership Theory

Introduction of Our Advisors

Akira Tojo


  • MLIT
  • MHLW


Senior Consultant, K.K. Poliflect


  • Building, Housing & Construction 
  • Amusement Facilities
  • Community Development
  • Nursing homes, 
  • Long-term Care Insurance Systems

Yoko Morishita

  • METI
  • FSA


  • TierIV North America, Vice President
  • McKinsey & Company 


  • Overseas Expansion of Startups and Entrepreneurship
  • Automated driving
  • Fund Settlement, 
  • Business Development in Emerging Countries

Soichi Yamamoto

  • METI


  • CEO of Awake Co., Ltd.


  • SME and Startup  
  • FinTech 
  • Business Development in Emerging Countries

We have many other advisors with diverse skills and experience waiting to help.

Details of Services

Appropriate advisor will answer questions about policy trends, background, and stakeholder relations related to your business (legislation, subsidies, taxation, etc.). 

We will suggest the most suitable advisor, but you can also select your own advisor. 

PublicHub Interview

  • One advisor will respond to your questions in a one-hour web meeting.
  • In principle, your company and advisor's profile will be disclosed during the interview.
  • We will charge interview fees on an hourly-basis.

PublicHub Opinion

  • One or more advisors will respond in writing.
  • The disclosure of your company and advisors' profiles is optional.
  • We will charge a fee based on the volume of the document.

Flow of Services

Awake's Other Services

Consulting for Startups on the use of government policies

Governments offer countless incentives such as subsidies, preferential tax treatment, deregulation measures, etc., but it can be extremely difficult for a startup focused on its business to keep track of them.

Awake's experienced members from both government and startups can help you take advantage of these government policies.