Bridging Policy and Business

Public Knowledge Platform

Our mission

We believe that the partnership between startups and other growth companies with cutting-edge technologies and services, and the public sector, which can change the social structure and provide support/subsidies, is the center pin that will break through the stagnation of Japanese society.

We are a catalyst for growth companies and the public sector to bring about discontinuous change in the world. This is the mission of Awake.

Our Services

1. Public Hub(Japan's first and only public expert interview platform)
2. Consulting on utilization of government policies (subsidies, taxation, government funds)

Our Team

Yoichi Yamamoto

CEO and Co-Founder

Worked in Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) on bio-industry promotion, environmental policy, infrastructure export, nuclear damage compensation, emerging country policy, recruitment, SME support, etc.

At Freee KK, as the head of financial business, led transaction lending business, API connection with financial institutions nationwide, ICT consulting support business for regional banks, etc.

Based on his experience in both sides of the government and startup companies, he founded Awake, convinced of the potential for social change through their collaboration.

Tatsu Nishimura

Director and Co-Founder

Worked for Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) on energy policy (oil and natural gas policy), environmental policy, infrastructure export, etc.

Partner at YCP Solidiance Inc. 
Engaged in consulting services such as strategy planning and implementation support for a wide range of industries including automotive/mobility, energy/infrastructure, entertainment, and healthcare. 
He also supported startups and other organizations to optimize their business models and quickly launch new businesses within the scope of existing regulations and systems while building relationships with relevant government ministries and agencies (Government Relation Activity Support).