The Awake Posting Guidelines

The Awake is a companion site to RTR Publishing. Here we feature articles, opinions and personal stories from authors and our readers. The Awake is also a support site for RTR Publishing products. It is a place where readers can ask questions specifically related to books they’ve purchased from RTR. Our articles are free for anyone to read, repost or share from any site as long as the author is credited. If you run a site, magazine or other media outlet and want the original unedited files email us. This is foremost a support site for This means that other than writers who submit articles only our book readers can post to this site. Then, it must be relevant to the book section you are posting. We also want to post your true original stories about your experiences. You may remain anonymous and you can't name names of individuals like your neighbors or anyone at all other than verifiable citations. Titles are OK like the organization or the position, things like that and no photos of people, their vehicles, homes, etc...  I use my original or public domain photos and artwork for this site and articles. Any images must be imbedded within the Word document. The article should be around 1000-1200 words or less with 5 images or less. A decent title is required and the story must be well written in Word. Lastly it must have a begining a middle and an END! You can include a brief bio, a personal photo and since we can't monitor the site for now I won't be allowing a comment section. You can include your contact info if you want feedback. You may also include a personal link to your site or project which will all appear at the end of your story. Email us with any further questions… For our Q and A section, send us a brief question which we may post.