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We will only stick to questions we can answer. We are not lawyers and are only using the book as a guide. If you need legal advice read the laws in your state or see a lawyer. If you've read Circle of Snakes, feel free to ask a question by emailing it to If you've emailed me questions in the past, please try again. Thanks...
Please tell me how to file and get results like you?
First of all, I get asked this several times a week and 3 times so far today. Since all our cases are different my best advice to you is to read up on the laws in your state. There are no laws against gang stalking as far as I know, but there are laws against stalking in every state. Conspiracy to stalk if it’s more than one person in my state. What we go through is different for each of us. Read, read, read.
Do you know of a good lawyer?
I hate to state the obvious, but you don’t need a lawyer to report a crime. If someone steals your car do you call a lawyer? Everything that perps do are usually crimes and even the little things are nuisance crimes. I can see where some of you will need lawyers if you are reporting every little thing. Then you actually will never get anywhere because no one will take you serious when bigger things happen.  
How do I file with the DOJ
You must make sure you have a case that is a federal case. In order for it to be a federal case it must violate federal law. So I told the story in my book about me but I filed with the FBI because my case broke federal law. During a follow up call – under very strange circumstances – my call was transferred to the US Attorney General’s Office in DC (DOJ).
You made reference to filing a color of law complaint. What if the stuff they are doing - stalking, street theatre, police tickets is too covert and appears natural or random. Can you file or does the harassment need to be obvious? 
One of the architects of these programs Colonel Michael Aquino designed it to work this way. In his military paper “From Psyops to Mind War” He wrote that taken as separate incidents small things can be made to look like just bad luck - it’s called “No touch torture.” A stranger bumping into you while walking, a scratch on your car, lost keys, stealing your mail, a ding in the parking lot. Do this continually, relentlessly every day and it wears on you. This is hard to prove and it’s made more to make you sound crazy when you tell people. You need hard evidence and talking about everything you can’t prove makes you seem schizophrenic. When you contact anyone they will document and put this in their note. Re-read the book for solutions.
When you filled out this Denial of Rights Under Color of Law form, did you just print it up and then fill it out by hand? As well, it appears that you deliver them to the entities responsible for the violations. Do you also take one to the FBI to let them know?
These are some important points. I never filed for Denial of rights. What they did to me was violate my civil rights which is a crime. Knocking at my door, pulling me over and searching me, my car and passengers repeatedly. I don't have a criminal record to speak of and it never made sense. I would never tell the people I’m filing against. I never told or filed with local police or even the FBI. I filed on-line using their form (FBI) and then made the follow up call to Washington. It is important that you refer to the manual because these things you mentioned are not little things. At face value it may seem straight forward - it’s not. How you you write, how you word things, what you say, how you talk. They make the difference as to whether or not you get results.
What do you think about joining a class action suit?
This is an often brought up topic with TIs. My thought is to get your criminal complaint out of the way and see it through. My complaint ended my targeting when many of those involved were sent to prison. Just enough of them to let all those that escaped know. Ok now, who is involved in the suit? Did that person end their own suit if any? What have they done to resolve their own complaint? You see, seeking to file a suit is dependent on others because it’s a class action. This means your suit is only as good as your weakest link in most cases. Also if no one in your suit has ever gotten any results then it means they haven’t proved any crimes. One person or a group of people that has never proved any crimes has no damages. On top of that a class action is vulnerable to many things you can’t control. Plants is a big one! Someone is planted into your case to ruin it. And I could go on forever. A group of people that can prove criminal complaints with arrest reports is another story.
Any ideas about protests or rallies?
Yes, by all means if you want to protest, why not? My one two cents would be to protest along with other groups. If you are focused on one politician or other culprit show up at his office and protest if that’s the route you choose. If you are looking to bring attention to your cause then participate in larger protests. When you see those super large protests in DC, you see dozens of different groups with different causes, signs, etc… When you see them talking to reporters they talk about their own issues. Large banner signs would go a long way at these events. “STOP the Illegal Targeting of Citizens” on a large banner sign will show up on any camera from a distance at any large rally. More bang then showing up with 10 protestors alone at your own protest – plus most likely no news coverage.
How about joining FB newsgroups related to Targeting, Stalking, etc?
I am a member of many groups that interest me and on many different topics. TI groups I’ve had to block many people. There are a lot of phonies on those groups aside from schizophrenics and people just wanting to pretend. Be careful what you say in these groups like giving out personal info. One group called “Targeted Individuals” is the worst and I would guess 2 out of 3 members are phoniess.
What about signing petitions?

Just like anything else use caution and your own good judgement!

Circle of Snakes

In some circles things sometimes just don’t feel right because they aren’t! This book is about REAL CONSPIRACY not “theory” - actual EVIL occurring every day in America. The stuff you always read about hidden in the shadows is TRUE. All of the events in this book actually happened. I know, because they happened to me and it’s my story. This is a manual on how to stop Government Gang Stalking. It’s reference for anyone experiencing any type of organized stalking. If you or someone you know is a victim then this manual was written for you. Only through education can we stop these insidious government activities and black projects.

“Most people in the world do not care to be anarchists nor revolutionists and neither do I. However, sometimes our lots in life choose us rather than we choose our lots in life. So, when someone wants to make that choice for us, we must act. The system is broken - bent on ruling the world and controlling the population. It’s up to us to free ourselves. - Bobby T


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