Sin Thesis Q and A

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Sin Thesis

“Sin Thesis” the first book from author Robert Torres is a non-fiction book based on the many paranormal events that he began experiencing after he claimed to have ET contact. It was later after a UFO encounter that he says he first started to notice that he was seeing the world differently than most others. It was these first ET experiences that he says “opened his mind.” But it was all the other extraordinary events that followed which led him to write this book. These events he describes as “life changing” and he spent 7 years researching to find explanations on causes. The book is heavy science, religion, philosophy, the paranormal and many other belief systems are explored as he attempts to explain the supernatural. He includes many examples and tries to incorporate many possible answers as to why these supernatural events occur. Along the way his life was made more difficult by what he calls “heavy government conspiracy” that seems to accompany many of those involved in the UFO phenomena. If everything he says is true, then it calls into question reality itself.

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