Synchronicity and the Secret of the Co-Creator
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Synchronicity: is the experience of two or more events that are apparently causally unrelated occurring together in a meaningful manner [to the observer]. To count as synchronicity, the events should be unlikely to occur together by chance.

If you believe synchronicity is simply coincidence, then you haven’t read any of the top experts in the field. The famous psychotherapist Carl Gustav Jung coined the term synchronicity in the 1920s to reference the alignment of universal forces with a person’s experiences.

These forces have been sought out for centuries in many spiritual traditions as a means of aligning with the “flow.” This usually takes years of disciplined meditation, study, ritual or by other means advancing through a graduated system to navigate this journey toward a harmonic “individuation.” To some the search is inward for the self, yet for others it’s an outward search for spirituality.

My first experience with synchronicity was on March 21st at 3:03am which is the 3rd month, 3rd week, 3rd hour, 3rd minute or 3333, on the equinox and the moment of my birth. It was my alignment with the universal forces, the planet, space and time.

My awakening also came about through no effort of my own by way of a supernatural encounter with an entity of light. It began my involvement with and research into the underlying spiritual and metaphysical nature of reality. Also in many different ways and on many different levels - I became “enlightened.” Because of this I have an inherent understanding of the truth behind many esoteric concepts like the flow, the spirit, one-ness and even divinity.

My experiences of course are not entirely unique, but the way in which this window of understanding opened for me is. There was no journey, no explanation as to the reasons why - a certain amount of esoteric knowledge was just revealed to me. Things that to many are never more than concepts or metaphors I actually see as having real form. I’ve witnessed many paranormal phenomena unfold with me seemingly being the only rational connection. However, because of my earlier encounters I’ve never attributed much of it directly to myself. I’ve always sensed a presence around me. So unlike many others who seek the path, I feel that for some reason the source found me.

Being human however always leaves me questioning: “Who or what is this presence?” Abilities like ESP, clairvoyance and telekinesis are all very real, along with the concepts of a substratum or pre-space. But what is our connection?
In Jung’s book “An Acausal Connecting Principle” it is subjective meaning that connects us. Without an observer (YOU) there is no mind, no synchronicity, no meaning. Thoughts connected to events, mind connected to movements of matter, absent of a cause (acausal). Thinking something before it happens, remote viewing, telekinesis, where do these abilities come from? Since the vast majority of mainstream scientists don’t accept the mind as a cause. How then do we explain let alone prove any of this?

I say that we are using a flawed science because it is incomplete. Theoretical Physicist, Dr. William Tiller among others propose that consciousness is what’s missing from the equation. It is the unifying integrator of all the individual constituents. Physicist David Bohm says there is a hidden variable implying that neither relativity nor quantum mechanics should be accepted as a conclusive nor exclusive solution. Jung’s preference for subjective inner experience over empirical data opened him up to criticism that he was countering materialism with mysticism. But after all this entire field falls within the very boundaries of parapsychology. Materialism is not required…

My research began with Jung and his contemporaries but for millennia prior to Jung man has experienced synchronicity. Theoretically it begins outside of our space-time in the flow where all knowledge exists and our material reality takes shape. It then unfolds into our dimension of consciousness creating and gathering more information before returning back to the flow. Like the ripples on the surface of the stream which are never really separate from it. This is described by David Bohm’s theory of “The Implicate and Explicate Order.” However before there was the idea of synchronicity, humanity used different terms like correspondence, sympathy, harmony and unity. The “unus mundus” - the underlying unified reality from which everything emerges and to which everything returns.

It was in the fourth century B.C. that the Greek philosopher Heraclitus viewed all things as being interrelated - nothing was isolated and all things were linked. Similarly Hippocrates said: “There is ONE common flow, a common breathing. Everything is in sympathy.” There is a bond - and even between inanimate objects. A form of “animism” or the belief that all matter has consciousness or a spiritual essence. This is a classic idea whereby separateness is an illusion.

Now what you should know is that Jung had a lifelong interest in and many experiences with the paranormal. These experiences along with his research influenced all of his major theoretical formulations. They are also what led to his revolutionary ideas about synchronicity, which was an ever evolving hypothesis - lasting his entire life.

It all started with simple simultaneous coincidences evolving further to include coincidences separated by time. Then complexities began to emerge which some said he was fitting into his theory rather than accepting them as separate paranormal events. This led to what he referred to as “universal psychic structures” but which would later be called “archetypes.” Archetypes were more simply, non-material universal patterns or structures. These are common to all humanity and shaped by each of us individually. It is as he believed that our subconscious mind taps into the collective unconscious and helps create for each of us our own unique life experiences.
Building on these ideas he developed what he called the psychoid . Also simply put, this is a mixture of the psychic dimension and the pre-existent materiality colluding behind the scenes to create our synchronicities.

Eventually Jung’s concepts would broaden to incorporate aspects of quantum physics. It was his work with the Nobel Prize winning physicist Wolfgang Pauli that advanced his theories far beyond their simplistic beginnings. It was actually his aspects of the psychoid which so impressed Pauli who became convinced that parapsychology should be included into physics. The psycho-physical archetype (psychoid) was the link between mind and matter. This brought about much progress for Jung’s hypotheses as well as Pauli’s further understanding of the matrix. As they often borrowed concepts from each other. Jung would begin to incorporate the language and ideas of physics into his formulations and vice versa with Pauli.

Pauli however was no stranger to the world of the strange. He as well was fascinated by the paranormal and had his own bouts with the supernatural. Enter his experiences with telekinesis. It has been written about that catastrophic breakdowns of experimental equipment would inexplicably occur everywhere he went. Although it was often joked about, other scientists were said to have feared his presence during experiments. It was commonly believed and accepted that he was the cause.
It was because of this that the experimental physicist Otto Stern banned Pauli from his laboratory in Hamburg, Germany despite being good friends. Pauli was also convinced that what was happening around him was real and he got a kick out of it. This is now well known in physics as “The Pauli Effect.” This was believed to be caused by psychic telekinesis which less prominent scientists rejected outright. Pauli himself postulated that it couldn’t reasonably be explained in any other way because of the circumstances and frequency of occurrences. Many other scientists who witnessed these events concurred.

Pauli who was one of the architects of early quantum physics along with many others believed that beneath the subatomic layer there are other unknowable layers. The dilemma once again was that it could not be proved scientifically. His world of science had no references for that which could not be tested by scientific means. Still he was convinced there were hidden unknown and as yet unprovable deeper dimensions.

Together Jung and Pauli helped pioneer the study of parapsychology by introducing real science and controlled data gathering techniques. Together they came to the same conclusion from different fields of study but with Jung working through the psychic dimension and Pauli the physical it was a match that seemed pre-ordained.

Now though, others studying non-material or even fringe science also advanced the field (sometimes unknowingly) by the very nature of their work. Pauli’s own early work in quantum physics had a strong influence by changing how we think about the behavior and properties of matter itself on the quantum level. Also what may be one of the most important discoveries in the study of the paranormal is Einstein’s quantum entanglement although he himself had many misgivings about it. Many today believe it may hold the secrets to understanding synchronicity, ESP, telekinesis and a number of other psi abilities. Mind, matter and consciousness connected by entanglement through space and time seems like a very promising avenue of exploration.

Another great example of good solid theory is Rupert Sheldrake’s morphic fields” which he shows us how fields create relationships across both time and distance. Physicist David Bohm’s “Implicate and Explicate Order” as I previously mentioned. Michael Talbot’s famous “Holographic Universe” or Physicist David Peat’s “Meaning and Form.” All of these propose a substratum beneath our material and temporal reality. What this means is that much of our true reality is hidden from not only all of our senses, but from our cognitive ability to understand all that is going on. Just as in Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave,” we can’t know the world as it really is with our limited sensory information.

Jung gives us the example of the lattice that underlies the crystallization process. It has no material existence and yet it gives crystals uniformity. We can only know of it by the resulting crystal’s shape. The uniformity of the shape implies an invisible design or blueprint. Sheldrake would say in his theory of morphic resonance: “It is because it was before.” Meaning it gets its form because the crystals that came before had the same shape. Jung uses this as proof of a hidden dimension of “archetypes.” This is why synchronicity, the crystal or snowflakes take the form they do. Scientifically this is impossible to prove because there is no empirical data to support it when it has no physical existence. We know only because we see and then reason with our own minds. If you’ve experienced seeing a ghost or synchronicity or any other form of the paranormal the only acceptable proof you can have are your experiences.

Still we can all take comfort in knowing that no one can know the world as it really is. Even the top physicists in the world can only guess. Much of quantum physics is competing theory and it’s the same with non-material science. What we must keep in mind, is that all of quantum theory is just that, theory - dozens of theories. I myself have read over a dozen so if anything only one can be right.

Then there’s the problem with consciousness. Consciousness itself cannot be quantified - there is no explaining it. Many believe it exists outside the brain, perhaps the Akashic field. Psi-fields, source fields, the flow, these are all conceptual dimensions existing outside of our frequency of space-time bound together by abstract relationships. Where consciousness and matter are two aspects of the same thing (unus mundus). These are the domains of the trickster gods where Hermes and Loki conspire to fool us using mind, matter and meaning.

Ok, and although I’m in agreement with many of these theorists about some hypothetical matrix. What is the intelligence behind the curtain?

Since before recorded history humankind has recognized the existence of a greater intelligence. Ask any believer of any religion or any other esoteric system and you’ll get many different answers. The spirit, God, the Goddess, Sophie, Allah, the Demiurge, The One. History’s greatest scientists came to this same conclusion. Einstein said: “Everyone who is seriously involved in the pursuit of science becomes convinced that a spirit is manifest in the laws of the Universe - a spirit vastly superior to that of man, and one in the face of which we with our modest powers must feel humble.”

Also Max Planck the father of quantum physics said: “All matter originates and exists, only by virtue of a force. We must assume behind this force is the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind. This mind is the matrix of all matter.” Isaac Newton believed the universe was mechanical, set into motion by God and then left to run. There are others who believe that all existence is an emanation of God. Some don’t believe there is an external intelligence at all. This is not my belief!

I have a unique prospective on whether or not there is an external intelligence without the need for deduction. Einstein, Planck, Jung, Pauli, all knew there were unseen, un-knowables through their own experiences. I know that there are more than just hidden dimensions or mystical hidden intellingences. This doesn’t mean that these words are my attempts at making an argument for the existence of God. Only to say that the vast majority of the planet believe in the supernatural. Gods, angels, spirits, witches, demons, the Devil, magic, voodoo, shamanism, these are all supernatural symbols or archetypes of human believers in something beyond or greater than ourselves and I am one.

The coming together of both mainstream science and religion is gradually happening due to the research started long ago in quantum physics and perhaps psychoenergetics with the inclusion of consciousness.

What many of the ancient esoteric belief systems and modern science have in common, is the belief that your own thoughts can alter the outside world in relation to you. Though, you alone are not the creator within the flow of the source field. You are simply part of the process. The biggest secret of synchronicity is not that there is a co-creator, but that it’s YOU! Ultimately there is a separate coordinating intelligence in control.

This is what causes events around you to coincide without your fore-thoughts, like for instance, the moment of my birth: 3333. That’s why we pray or chant, recite mantras, sing praises and invoke - expecting a particular outcome. Deep down inside we’ve always known we were being watched, even in an empty room, we are never really alone. How many times do events align that seem so strange and statistically unlikely to have occurred by chance? Without our thoughts, these synchronicities must originate externally. This means that “The Source” or “The-One” controlling it all is out there and not within…

“Synchronicity is God’s way of remaining anonymous.” --- Albert Einstein

This article was written using excerpts from the non-fiction book “Sin Thesis” and concepts from the future “Synchronicity and the Secret of the Co-creator” available at Amazon written by the author Robert Torres.