Killer Waves, Death Rays and Psychotronic Influence

Left: Homemade microwave weapon using high watt magnetron from typical microwave oven Right: Handheld Mini Z X-ray emitter. Both penetrate walls causing internal damage or cancer.

When I was taking classes in audio engineering and then electronics, much of what I did was to study wave frequencies. I guess that’s why I never bothered with wave frequency detectors. I never thought I needed them because my goal was to stop the targeting. I do suspect that I may have been a victim of wave attack but our options are limited. I mean how would you go about protecting yourself from them? Unless you knew exactly the wavelength you were being attacked with, it could get very expensive since detectors only detect within specific ranges.

These wave weapons emit all types of waves at many different frequencies including microwaves. They can literally cook you slowly causing internal damage or X-rays can be used which can give you cancer quickly. There are others including what are called psycho-tronics and at around 8Hz (hertz) they affect your brainwaves by causing interference or entrainment. This is because the brain wavelength frequencies are also about 8Hz. These weapons can be aimed at a target affecting your consciousness to alter mood, erase memory or kill. They have been documented through investigation as being tested on unassuming US citizens. In 2001, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed into law a bill making it illegal to use weapons of “psychotronic influence.”

As you can probably guess, the US has a lot invested in EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) technology being developed under the guise of non-lethal crowd control. Weaponized versions are available as mounted or even hand held units that can be dialed to the desired frequency and aimed at an individual. Of course military grade can be across the street or across the field. And if you know anything about wave technology then you know they can penetrate most barriers.

Above left: Image from the backscatter X-ray. Center: The Mini Z handheld backscatter Right: Military mounted EMP weapon

These weapons are known as the “silent kill” because you can’t see, hear or in general feel wave frequencies - only their effects and if the target is killed in most cases they leave no trace evidence. If high levels of X-rays are used over a short period or low levels over a longer period it simply looks like they got cancer naturally. The other silent kill is the preferred method of getting the target to commit suicide.

Now, it’s not my intention to discourage anyone from doing what they think is necessary to protect themselves because there are situations where detectors or protection might be reasonable or necessary. First if you do decide to get a wave detector remember, you may not want anyone to know. If you have concerns about people finding out for any reason, have someone else buy it if possible. I personally don’t care if anyone knows because it’s just easier for ME.

One situation where a detector or protection might come in handy would be if you suspect electronic wave bombardment. You may not be able to stop or pinpoint the source but you would be able to detect when it’s happening and where the strongest signal is. You would want to sleep where you have the weakest signal especially your children if you have any.
Multiple EMF Meters cs
Above: Typical multi-frequency EMF/EMP detectors with specified limited ranges.

RF multi-frequency wave detectors are the most common meters. They may be useful for bugs, wireless cameras, etcetera, but you will need a wired camera detector to detect a wired camera as they don’t normally emit external RF signals. Also you will need to watch the frequency ranges of any meters you choose to buy. There are many different frequencies and psychotronic weapons emit frequencies way too low for most meters at about 8Hz. X-rays on the other hand are way too high and both require specialized detectors.

One thing I know is that many of you try shielding yourselves from waves and that’s fine, do what you feel is necessary. Remember however you cannot reasonably shield yourselves from X-rays. Not with aluminum foil or any type of foil. Not by building a Faraday cage or mesh or cement or anything. If you want to shield yourself from X-rays, the hospital uses 1-cm thick lead in the pads they place on you to take medical grade X-rays. At around $50 and 30 pounds a square foot a standard 4 by 8 foot sheet will cost you $1600 and weigh 960 pounds. Shielding your house with 1-cm lead sheets will collapse it and X-rays will penetrate 10 feet of cement.

In all practicality, you can’t protect yourself from these weapons and they do exist even in portable form. Look at the Backscatter Z Mini handheld X-ray and you can imagine what the military has. Since it emits radiation which can cause cancer, what if one were placed in the next room of your apartment building or a military grade unit from the house next door? In NYC, national news reported that they drive around in unmarked vans equipped with Backscatter Z X-ray scanning parked vehicles. What if one was parked across the street from your home or office and left on all night bombarding you? If you detect X-rays, move because that means that they are trying to kill you.
 Radiation Detectors cs
Above: Two X-ray / radiation detectors. The pocket one on the left costs around $2000 and the one on the right is around $3000.

You should never detect X-ray frequencies in your home! There are many common wavelengths you will detect because you have many devices in your home that give off RF waves. Well, that’s it so be wise and be careful.

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