Marcus Daniel
"Ingenious, expansive, supportive is how I describe the book 'Circle of Snakes' and its writer."
Very Well Written! Circle of Snakes is a useful book on how to stop your gangstalking. The knowledge and practical guidance has helped me work in a practical way and given me some sense of personal power.
--- Cheryl Bullough
Interesting story which is eerily similar to mine. It’s refreshing to read someone speaking so candidly about the evil dark side of the US government and law enforcement. Circle of Snakes provides helpful information for those who’ve tried to fight back without gaining ground.
--- M Baker
I read this book in one night. I really enjoyed it. I found it easy to read and understand. I will be using many of the suggestions in this book. I found the information valuable. I am a victim of this crime, and I have already recommended this book to other victims. ---Patricia L
Bobby, it is an amazing book. One I have re-read many times. takes a lot of effort but continuing. thank you for all that you do
---Corrine Conver
 CoS" is an empowering must have read for all struggling with any type of bullying or harassment situation. It is a road map to break through the hopelessness.”--- Tiffany Wright-King

How to END Your Gang Stalking!

Gang Stalking Series Intro

This series was written after I wrote my first book “Sin Thesis” about paranormal events that happened throughout my life. While writing that book I realized how much I wrote about government conspiracy. Targeting was a big part of my personal life and I ended filing a federal civil rights complaint during the writing of the book. After it came to an end I decided that others who experienced what I did might want to know what I did about it. I thought 200 people “tops” would read the series and that would be that. Only, over a 100 thousand read the last installment and so many letters later and with so many being the same answering them all was too daunting. I decided to write another book "Circle of Snakes" to answer everyone all at once. Here is the series complete with some minor editing and it will answer most of your questions. We start here with the intro! (read more)


Gang Stalking part 2:
Why Does the US Government Target Innocent Citizens for Gang Stalking?

So why does the government stalk innocent citizens? Like the entire government conspiracy, population control, wave weapons, human experimentation, mind control, etc… they are all connected.
(read more)


Gang Stalking part 3:
Techniques, Tactics and Technology

Chances are that some of you reading this are being Government gang stalked. There is so much going on with this story that I could never do it justice in a few short articles. Government gang stalking is different than all other gang stalking because it represents the ultimate betrayal to not only the victims, but to the country itself. It isn’t only tyranny in the classic sense, it’s also traitorous. (read more)


Gang Stalking Part 4
Who Are The Government’s Gang Stalkers?
This is part four of five on this website of my series on gang-stalking. Here we will try to identify who government’s gang stalkers are. My belief is that the US has an overall agenda of nothing less than total global rule. Gang stalking then is an ongoing experiment in population control. Ruling the world necessitates controlling entire populations of individuals. The vast majority will be compliant, but for some an individualized strategy is used. (read more)


How to END Your Gang Stalking!
Series final - Part 5

Government Gang Stalking is an attack on innocent US citizens by traitors to the United States and the constitution. If you are a “Targeted Individual” (TI) you are in a battle for your right to live freely and free from tyranny. Now this article may sound anarchistic but realistically it’s observational truth telling. This article will give the average TI a basic common sense outline for dealing with gang stalking. (read more)





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