Anomalous Waves of Influence - A Global Mind Control Experiment

“The Mind has no Firewall. - Therefore is susceptible to all form of non-detectable intrusions.” If your thoughts were hacked you wouldn’t even know they weren’t your own. --- Timothy L Thomas (The U.S. Army War College Quarterly)
When I found these actual satellite photos I wrote this article and at the time it was just a hypothesis. To me this was evidence of a global event related to HAARP and world-wide mind control experiments. Recently I found that many others knew this was going on including different studies done at Harvard but not on this scale. Here are the links that back up my claims, but I have never seen anyone before my article that linked these satellite images to HAARP. Read and decide for yourself… Here are the links first: Harvard:’s another:
The Secret “Shadow Government” and the experimental targeting of innocent citizens have always been seen by some ultimately as the greater good of a means to an end. The greater good for who and what is a big part of the whole NWO agenda/cover-up of “what” this is all about. The need for control of entire populations has also always been part of a certain societal prerequisite for the NWO nations but not without a human cost. In the days gone by this was done by manipulating things like access to food, jobs, currency, using distraction and more often brutality to keep peoples corralled. Stalin, Hitler, Dracul, Caesar, kings and here in the US the need for control ushers in an era of more subtle passive methods. Top-Secret technology in the form of wave science research and applications like variable wave weaponry has changed the game.

Far beyond science fiction, this has become the science of madmen passed off as legitimate. It’s the dumbing down of the peoples by the use and purposeful distribution of misinformation. Like our subject here as you will read. Targeting is not only used on individuals, but often on large groups or entire populations. For many in the business of governing the model citizen is a pre-programmed automaton.

To this end, governments for quite some time have been working on devices that would broadcast invisible frequencies directly into the mind much like radio waves. Take “HAARP” for instance - written about so often it now seems to me like overkill to even mention. It stands for: High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program. Located in Gakona, Alaska, it is one of three similar facilities in the U.S. There are smaller ones in Fairbanks, Arecibo, Norway and Russia also operates one or more. It is capable of broadcasting these strong variable signals worldwide.

HAARP consists of 180, 72 foot tall antennas on 35 acres. The array and its transmitters, have a total power capability of 3.6 million watts and is jointly managed by the Air Force and the office of Naval Research. It has been the subject of much conjecture for main stream media and conspiracy theorists alike. Many believe HAARP was actually built as a wave weapons system.

Above: The HAARP facility’s 3.6 million watt 180, 72 foot tall antennas. 100,000 watts is considered very powerful for an FM radio station. However many report the actual power is 1 billion watts.

But can HAARP be used for military purposes? On HAARP’S website as of this writing it said: “HAARP was not designed for military purposes. The facility will be used for basic plasma physics and ‘RADIO Science’ research related to the ionosphere. There is obvious Department of Defense interest in understanding the ionosphere’s effects on communication and navigation systems.”

Not designed for military purposes - “hmmm, is that a yes or a no?” HAARP’s designer Dr. Bernard Eastlund on the other hand states that it was designed for defense purposes. Defense - isn’t that military? For conspiracy theorists, HAARP is to blame for triggering floods, droughts, hurricanes, thunderstorms, earthquakes, etc… It is also believed to be a secret mass mind control experiment.

Why all of these concerns? Beside all of the post 9-11 mass suspicion, Americans have always mistrusted our government. Plus HAARP has the capability of transmitting ELF waves. What makes ELF waves so special? ELF (Extremely Low Frequency) waves are those between 0-100 Hz (Hertz=waves per second) – which can affect brain waves, the body and the Earth itself.

Everything in the universe operates on wavelengths because it is theorized that everything is made of wave interference. I don’t want to lose you here, but everything is made of electrons which are caused by wave interaction. Electrons make-up atoms, atoms make molecules, which make cells, etc… One real difference is the size which means the height, the length and the speed or how fast the wave is moving, which is called frequency. Everything in the Universe is made of waves but operate on different frequencies.

The frequency of the Earth is 7.8 to 14 Hz as measured by NASA. The human brain varies but falls within ELF ranges at around 8 Hz. The human body as well falls within these ranges. The different states of the brain and body proven to be affected by ELF waves are ranges of mood, awareness, fatigue, anxiety, etc… The same goes for the planet. The late Dr. Rosalie Bertell Ph. D. Biometrics, Catholic University of America said: “The technology is out there and many nations can induce earthquakes. There has been an effort for 40 or 50 years to control all natural processes” (that would be 50 to 70 years as of this writing). The U.S. was trying to do weather modification in Vietnam with projects Sky Fire and Storm Fury. She goes on to say that she believes that HAARP is being used to generate artificial Earthquakes using ELF waves under the guise of deep Earth tomography.

Whether it’s paranoia, conspiracy or fact based legitimate concern, there is an abundant amount of information available about brain wave interference weapons. Thousands of voices are echoing the warnings about a shadow government, secret ops, black projects and endless experiments. So should we be concerned? Well since we are the subjects directly or indirectly, that is up to each of us individually to gauge and exercise our own level of concern and reaction to it. I have learned to live with it but what can one man do? Others can be diagnosed as “paranoid schizophrenics,” activists, terrorists, anarchists, or ignore it completely by choice. Some simply can’t see outside the box due to an inability to accept any beliefs beside their own, this is called “cognitive dissonance.” The final category of people are the proactive intolerants who become saboteurs, protesters and whistle blowers.

OK, now that you have some of the backstory, let’s tie this all together with the rest of the story. After some reading about Nicolai Tesla, this really got me thinking beyond what I should have been. As the story goes, he once invented an earthquake machine which almost brought down a building in New York. He was quoted as saying that he believed he could crack the Earth in half if he could generate the resonant frequency waves. Like I said, waves come in all sizes and all types too, like sound, light, water, etc…

This statement by Tesla struck a chord and really peaked my interest. So how does someone determine resonant frequencies - of anything – any object? This I found interesting. I searched online for: “calculating the resonant frequency of a sphere.” I did find the information, but “Sphere at Resonance” was the first thing that came up, which included the pictures below. It showed a frequency anomaly that occurred on Dec 7, 2001, 3 months after the Twin Towers event. It was picked up by a “GOES 10” naval satellite which supposedly never occurred before or since to anyone’s knowledge. What could have caused this? Was it related to HAARP or something more ominous? The entire atmosphere of the planet was resonated by something. No one knows what it was and in fact no one was ever even supposed to know it happened.

When it was discovered that this information was seen, it was immediately removed from the naval computers. Not before someone copied and later posted it though. If it was natural, why did it never occur before or since and why was the information purged from the naval computers? If it wasn’t natural, someone knows the resonant frequency of our planet and it should be a warning to all of us.

I became suspicious while reading this because I was already interested in frequency weapons. I found it odd that no one on the entire planet knew it occurred and it was only picked up by a naval satellite who coincidently run HAARP. So even though it was a longshot and awhile back I tried to find a testing schedule for HAARP to see if any testing coincided with this event. Nothing – there were no testing schedules posted at all.

OK now, since I know some of you won’t understand the data posted with the photos, I’ll simplify it. A Naval satellite picked up a wave pattern over the entire atmosphere of the Earth that lasted many hours. It has never been detected before which made it extremely strange and its cause is unknown… These are the naval photos as you see in the sphere below left… and on the right next to a map of the US west coast they formed these patterns. The frequencies were also in the range of human consciousness.

Above: December 7-8, 2001. GOES-10 Naval Satellite survey of the Pacific region including much of the central US recorded anomalous atmospheric conditions across the full range of frequencies. Both the infrared and visible spectrum measurements revealed an octagonal tiling of concentric circles in dipolar oscillation at 1.45 Hz - a theta heartbeat.

The unusual data was compiled and made available online at the Kauai Naval Research Laboratory website archive. The full frequency pulsation was recorded for many hours through the night, over the entire area surveyed by the satellite. As standing wave structures arise from the multi-frequency driving of the gas-filled resonant cavity, the anomalous field most likely encompassed the whole globe for the full duration of the event. Another crucial fact suggesting a fully global effect is the field’s alignment with 149°W longitude, exactly 180° from the Giza Pyramids at 31°E in Egypt - the ancient magnetic prime meridian.

Above: “The unified pulsation of the resonance field creates a heart rate beat frequency that synchronizes consciousness within the nodal framework of focal sites by brainwave pattern entrainment, tuning the mental frequency following response. This synchronization of consciousness can now be understood as a quantum effect of the Unified Field at resonance, as observed for prolonged periods by GOES-10 satellite.”--- Alexander Putney - Human Resonance Org

I suspect this was a manmade beginning stage “mind control” experiment. After-all, if you want total control you would want to affect the brain waves of the entire planet. If you could broadcast mind altering (psychotronic) waves across the entire world no one would even know it was occurring. If you don’t believe me, then tell me, how many of you felt this global resonance event three months after 9-11? Now, why was the US Navy who just so happens to run HAARP the only ones on the entire planet to have been aware of this atmospheric anomaly? As you can see from the wave patterns, the entire planet was affected in the same frequency of human consciousness. It was probably just another one of those “coincidences” though.

A side note here is that people all over the world have been reporting actual sound seemingly coming from the atmosphere itself and no one can trace the source… There is nowhere to hide from these waves which I believe continue to this day! But remember no one would or could know because this information was and will always be kept secret.

The anomalies posted here were originally presented as unknowns. I present them as I do in my hypothesis based on all of my research that I just coincidentally happened to be doing on the subject…  Deeper detail can be found in the book “Sin Thesis” for most of my posted articles.

This article was written using excerpts from the non-fiction book “Sin Thesis” available at Amazon written by the author Robert Torres: or