Surviving Gangstalking

My experience and tactics for living anxiety-free
Guest writer - Mary Joy MacKay


My targeting began in a way similar to many. Way back in 1996 I was hired by a large corporation as an administrative assistant. On my third day in my new position, a woman who I had barely just met approached me in the corridor and said to me “if anybody fucks with me, they have to pay.” How do you respond to a statement like that from somebody you don’t know? I didn’t respond at all, I just walked away and vowed not to have any further contact with her.

In the end that didn’t work out, and I blame myself for having terrible personal boundaries back then. Without my lack of emotional intelligence, my first and only nemesis would not have been able to make any progress with her intentions towards me. But I was naive and vulnerable, a perfect target.

I understand now that this woman, who I call Carol in my recently published book, The Joy Thieves, was somehow connected to the crime of organized stalking, also known as gangstalking. But she wasn’t potent enough to call the whole team in. She had to conduct a grassroots campaign of character assassination in order to exact her revenge — for what I will never know. So from 1996 - 1999, I didn’t experience any stalking, save for one incident. Rather, what I was dealing with was severe destruction of personal relationships — including family members, friends, and co-workers — and harassment within the community.
In 1999 I moved about 100 miles away for a new job, and my targeting would have ended there, except for the fact that I confided in one person who had been recruited by Carol without my knowledge. And so the abuse continued. Working in my new position as an art director should have been fun, creative and career-propelling. Instead I was harassed and ostracized mercilessly. Toward the end of that year, the solid 3 years of unending loss and trauma I’d been subject to had completely depleted my internal resources. I’d had enough. Feeling completely hopeless, I made an attempt to end my own life.

Somehow I survived, and knowing that I still had to support myself, I went back to work after being hospitalized in a coma for three days. It was nearing the end of 1999, and one thing I knew for sure was that I did not want to enter the year 2000 working with those people. I secretly found some freelance clients and was just waiting for my first check to come in to quit my full time job. The owner of the company beat me to it. He called me into his office and told me that he needed to “get the trash out of here” before the new year. I’d never done anything at that job to warrant that sort of spiteful behavior. But that’s the way this crime works. What this heinous abuse of human rights really instigates is the all-encompassing, systematic demolition of the target’s existence — embellished with community based harassment, surveillance and more. 

From that town I moved once more, this time not telling a soul where I was going. I was able to get another full time job, and there I was able to escape Carol’s Gollum clutches and create a near magical life for myself. Fast forward 8 years to 2008, and I am a seasoned business owner. I did the networking necessary to land the clients. I did the work for the clients. I provided the customer service for the clients. I hired subcontractors and managed big projects. I also managed the finances. I did well enough at to earn anywhere from $35 - $100 hourly for my services.


I had many friends and acquaintances and enjoyed a full social life. I dated a lot but never married or had children. Most of my clients had become good friends who I also socialized with. I pursued with zeal any outside interest that took my fancy. But Carol caught up with me. And this time, though she was still operating in her grassroots manner, she was able to recruit people around me who staged a meeting with an ex-cop (in my book I call him Emilio) who was able to get me on the list for the full treatment. He had to frame me to look like a thief and a home wrecker to do it, but he was crafty enough to pull that off, and so my destiny was sealed.

There’s not enough time or space here to go through how all of that happened, but it’s all retold in The Joy Thieves. The long and short of it is that after 3 years of hell, I decided to sell everything I owned, including my sweet little sports car, pack everything into a used van I bought, and move across the country. I’d escaped Carol’s orchestrations by moving before, so I thought I could do it again. But it was different this time. For one thing, smart devices were a fact of life now for most of the population. Back in ’96, some people had cell phones, but texting with the number pad was a pain, so few did it. Now in 2011, communications were facile and immediate.

My first day on the road, by the time I got from the Bay Area to Bakersfield, I knew I was in deep trouble. Enough had happened for me to realize that at least in California I had not shaken off the beast who haunted me. A frightening sight was to exit the Bakersfield hotel room in the morning and see two cop cars circling the empty parking lot. When they saw me come out of the room, they drove off and parked across the street, facing the hotel.

I was heading to Florida, and the further East I got, the worse things were looking. Cops, sheriffs and fire trucks were following me. Civilians in cars would drive right next to me, staring at me until I looked over at them. Then they would honk and drive off. Large semi-trucks honked at me, and I knew that if they were in on the game that I was really going to have to get cagey in order to escape. My hopes sunk and I noticed a sick feeling in my stomach that wouldn’t go away. My intuition was telling me that I was in a fight for my life. I still didn’t know what I was dealing with, and it was outrageous to think that Carol could have this far a reach. I was absolutely stupefied that somebody could hang onto a grudge for reasons still unknown to me for 14 years! I hadn’t figured out yet that Emilio was a key player in the game, too.

I got to Florida and it wasn’t for me. The targeting was awful there. I figured that I still had supportive family members in the Bay Area, so I might as well be there than to be all by myself all the way across the country trying to survive this ordeal. On my way back across the country, somebody talked me into staying in Oklahoma, so I tried to make my life work there for a year, and things got progressively worse. But it was there that I finally found all the websites and information on the crime I was facing. On one hand it was a relief to know what I was up against and the tactics being used. On the other hand there was no help for it that I could find, which was quite disheartening.
I realized that of all the people who could have been picked for this horrible treatment, I was probably one of the more fortunate. I felt that way because for many reasons I already had an arsenal of tools which I could depend upon to cope with the stress and anxiety. I wanted to help others, too, so I created a website “Overcome Group Stalking” and an e-book that I sold on the website. Within both were many suggestions and ideas for other people who were subject to these horrendous crimes.

I resisted the descriptor “targeted individual” for a long time. Not because I felt it was inaccurate, or out of denial that I was a targeted individual. I knew I was a TI through my online research. Rather, it was because I felt I was being pigeon-holed into an identity that I wanted nothing to do with. I wanted to scrub this ugly thing off of my body, mind and spirit and never look back. So instead I preferred to call myself and other targets, too, a “VIP.” It was clear to me that somehow we were all very important to whoever was spreading slander, following us around and spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on our mistreatment. But when my book was published in November of 2016, I had to embrace that I am a targeted individual, whether I choose to call it something else or not.

But back to coping tools. I recognized that by far the best coping tool was one that I had been practicing for many years. That is meditation. Meditation is one of the only technologies that can help a person to manage fear and anxiety. Keeping the TI in unhappy mind states is a priority of this criminal program. But these two emotions are like static on a radio frequency. They disturb a person’s inherent well-being and shroud intuition and confidence so that they seem inaccessible. There is also a paralyzing effect on mental initiative, common sense and will power, which ultimately influences the subconscious mind in such a way as to completely sabotage the better efforts of the conscious mind. Clarity and lucidity are impossible to access when trauma is ruling the mind.
Probably the worst thing is that negative emotions have a malignant, magnetic quality, attracting more of exactly what one fears into their life. If fear is allowed to reign, this magnetism becomes a broadcasting station that pulls in more bullies, more perpetrators and more of the very situations the person is trying to rid themselves of. For all of these reasons, managing fear and anxiety should be top priority for all targeted individuals. But these are not just TI issues. A lot of the planet is operating in fear, causing a sort of group mind situation. If you look closely at advertising, there is often a message, subliminal or overt, that goes something like this: “If you don’t use our toothpaste you could get cavities and gum disease.” This is fear-based motivation. The entire insurance industry runs on the fear of disease or disaster happening. Most people are living in fear of the economy, of terrorism, and any other myriad of world issues.

So what can you do? Well there is not enough space to go into detail regarding all the ways you can manage and overcome fear and anxiety, so I am just going to mention some briefly and let the reader do the necessary research in order to help themselves.

But first I want to mention Bobby Towers’ book, Circle of Snakes. Bobby found a way to end his criminal harassment, and I believe this sets precedence for many of us to follow his lead. If you can end it, that is the optimal solution. In the meantime, here are the most effective ways I have found to conquer the emotional rollercoaster you may be facing. As a disclaimer I need to say that for me these techniques work about 90% of the time. Usually something else is going on if I’m having trouble reversing my state of mind.

First of all, keep living. Keep going out. Keep doing what you would naturally be doing. Don’t let the presence of cockroach stalkers keep you from doing whatever you want to do. But add meditation and mindfulness practice to your daily living routine. These practices can be difficult at first, but over time the benefits are invaluable. Look up the benefits of meditation. Chances are you will be surprised at how many there are. There are many ways to meditate, and it can be incorporated into any religious practice. As incidents come up that are troubling, you can use NLP, EFT or EBT. All three of these technologies were created for helping people achieve a quick shift of mind state.

NLP is most important because the perpetrators use NLP techniques. NLP, or Neuro Linguistic Programming, is used by many top coaches and trainers to assist people in reprogramming their reactions and behaviors. Using simple NLP exercises that take less than one minute, you can reverse the negative emotions from any unpleasant situation.

EFT — Emotional Freedom Techniques — is a healing tool that uses acupressure points to calm emotional upset. Look up EFT on YouTube. There are many videos explaining and demonstrating the technique.

EBT — Emotional Brain Training — is a 5 step process that can be performed anywhere to help take your mind state from negative to positive. To learn EBT, you must take classes, either online or in local groups.

On a positive note, it does not matter what the history of any evil experience may have been, or how long you have harbored fear, anxiety or doubt. In the very moment that you turn from it, you will begin to experience relief. The more you practice any or all of the strategies I’ve mentioned, the better you will feel all of the time. To conclude, I hope anybody reading this is dedicated to overcoming their ordeal, both in mind and in external experience. It’s so important that all of us who are capable take every action we can to stop the abuse of innocent citizens worldwide. Keeping yourself mentally and physically healthy to the best of your ability is a key component to that end.

The Joy Thieves is an autobiographical thriller that starts out like Single White Female and evolves into a full blown Enemy of the State scenario, with the author giving away most of her belongings and fleeing across the United States — flanked every step of the way by law enforcement and unknown civilians — in an attempt to regain her once idyllic life.

Spanning 20 years, the story unwinds as the author loses jobs, clients, family members and friends, and eventually ends up isolated, jobless, homeless and suicidal. Woven into the telling of her story is all of the credible information the author has found through her research over the years.

The Joy Thieves is Mary Joy MacKay’s first book. She undertook this project believing that her story is representative of the criminal harassment that thousands of people are undergoing. Knowing that bringing this crime into public awareness will greatly help all victims and possibly motivate investigation, she set out in February of 2015 to tell her story.